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» Company Philosophy & History

Po Hill International Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong since 1991. Having many years of experience in the die-casting industry, we are working in sourcing and marketing equipments and materials for this industry. We bring in China engineering technologies and solutions from around the world to improve casting quality and to cope with the rapid economic growth in China.

Although helping our customers to manufacture Quality products is important, the cost of the final product is also a big issue in today’s intense competition. To allow our customers to do their best in dealing with the manufacturing process; starting from Raw materials to the finished products; we give a total solution to Quality and Cost control. These two major elements are our Ultimate concern for our customers. We believe that with our representation of the world's die-casting experts, we can surely give you competence and support for you to stay competitive in today's market.

To serve different markets more intensively, we are trying to localized in different areas. This will help us serve our customers more efficiently and more complete. We are also starting to bring in international die-casting equipment manufacturers into China and help them set up production facilities in China. In this way, they could cut down their production cost while at the same time maintain the same quality of their products.


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