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Our products were designed with the future and the environment in mind. User safety, ease of disposal and waste-water treatment are major considerations during product development, J&S products exceed all performance criteria.

In some cases, when J&S products are used with each other, their chemistry is synergistic. For example, SHOTBEADS® used with our 900 Series Die Release Agents enhance the release agent in the gate areas causing it to flow smoothly within the coating yielded by SHOTBEADS®. This kind of synergy eliminates the oil-on-water effect.

» Why Dry? Improvements for your bottom line
» Less porosity SHOTBEADS will reduce troublesome porosity simply because there is less gassing.

» Increased shot velocity. Friction reducing additives give up to a 10% increase in slow shot velocity, and 20% on fast shot. Prove it with you shot monitor.

» Cleaner machines. There is no waste. The casting totally consumes all material. There is mess on the back of the machines and no waste oil to dispose of.

» Extended tip life. Up to 20% improvement over most straight oils and 10 times the tip life compared with water-basted plunger lubes.

» Clean bright castings. No oily flow marks in the castings. Compare and See!

» No oily scraps. Save money by re-melting gates, runners, and biscuit areas with minimal smoke.

» Cleaner floors and ceilings. No black smoke. SHOTBEADS keep the whole die cast area cleaner. Eliminate plunger lube wastewater treatment. 

» Die cavity area stays cleaner. Less downtime to clean carbon buildup caused by oil-based plunger lubes.

» Cast at lower metal temperatures. SHOTBEADS will not cool the metal in the shot sleeve like conventional oils. You can lower the melting pot temperature by 10 degrees and still hold the same casting temperature.

» Fewer EPA headaches. Less smoke and waste.

» Recycle metal with 20% better yield.

» SHOTBEADS Dry Lubricant
Shotbeads are small pastille shaped semi-spherical wax beads. These beads also contain proprietary extreme pressure ingredients. They are designed to melt when entering the cold chamber or cylinder and rapidly coat the inside. While melting, a wax vapor is created which also provides complete lubrication of the cylinder and piston or shot tip.
Suggested starting use levels for horizontal castings, Proper dosage can be more accurately measured with the use of a shot monitor.

Amount of casting weight (Kg) Suggested weight of SHOTBEADS (g)
1/2 0.2
1 0.2-0.4
2 0.4-0.6
4 0.6-0.8
6 1.0-1.4
8 1.4-1.8


» Plunger Lubricants

» SHOTBEADS® The Original Dry Plunger Lube
» Process 815 Water Based Plunger Lubricant

» Release Agents

» 900 Series Release Agents, economical, high performance produces clean, bright ----castings, bacteria resistant

» Quenches

» Process 736 Quench/Sealant minimizes micro-porosity and impregnating
» Process 701B  Quench Compound for aluminum and zinc castings

» Coolants

» Process 490 Soluble Oil Based Lubricant
» Process 426 Synthetic Water Based Lubricant for general purpose

» Trim Die Lubricants

» Process 419 Zinc/Aluminum Trim Lubricant

» Vibratory Cleaner

» Process 227 Liquid Cleaner for aluminum and zinc castings

» Alkaline Cleaners

» Process 225 Cleaner and Oxidation Preventive in one
» Process 220 Alkaline Immersion Cleaner/Degreaser
» Process 215 Cleaner/Degreaser

» Oxidation Inhibitors

» Process 785 Rust Preventing Oil for long term die storage
» Process 757 Rust Preventing Wax for long term die storage
» Process 730 Water Soluble Oxidation Preventive for brass, copper and their alloys
» Process 725 Water Based Metal Passivator for various metals, used in impregnating --systems
» Process 711X Rust Preventive/Remover for iron, steel, and aluminum

» Maintenance Products

Floor Cleaners
     » Process 135 Pine Scented Detergent Degreaser for rest rooms and general ----------purpose cleaning
     » Process 133 Detergent Degreaser general purpose for floors, machines, etc.

Steam Cleaner
     » Process 137 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner for equipment and machinery

Machine Cleaners
     » Process 191 Heavy Duty Degreaser, biodegradable for equipment and machinery
     » Process 137 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner for equipment and machinery
     » Process 135 Pine Scented Detergent Degreaser for machines and general purpose
     » Process 133 Detergent Degreaser for machines and general purpose
     » Process 126 Safe for Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis systems

Specialty Cleaner
     » Process 373 Powdered Acid Descaler for cooling lines



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