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Fully enclosed
Not a problem unless uncovered by subsequent machining.


Blind porosity
Often the cause of internal corrosion giving rise to 'spotting out' of plated surfaces and 'blow out' of paintwork.

Through porosity
An in service problem where gas or liquids seep through the castings.


» What is Impregnation?

Its a permanent solution to porosity
   Vacuum impregnation will fill voids and defects with a stable yet flexible material.
   This sealant is resistant to attack from heat, oils, chemicals, and other external influences.
   The process can be performed on finished machined parts as it causes no dimensional change or contamination of the component.

» What can Ultraseal offer?

A full turnkey solution
With over 30 years experience dedicated solely to impregnation. Ultraseal offers its customers equipment, sealant, experience and confidence.

Pack Basket

Vacuum Impregnate 10mbar

Drain Excess Sealant

Cold Water Wash

Hot Water Cure 95°C

Unpack Basket

» Porosity

Equipment design and manufacture

Full laboratory and chemical production facilities

Porosity problems

Porosity - a small defect with potential to become a big problem

Porosity, or more correctly micro-porosity, is a natural phenomenon that occurs in castings and other materials as they change state from liquid to a solid during the manufacturing process. These small holes often remain unseen and are ignored but have the potential to cause huge quality problems and be the basis for component failure in service, through leaks or surface defects.

Ultraseal is a specialist company, with global reach, focused solely on providing industry with practical production solutions to the problems of porosity. Being totally dedicated to such solutions for over 30 years enables customers around the world the world to benefit from the range of services that Ultraseal can provide.

» The supply of wide range of impregnation equipment and------ systems designed to suit the specific needs of the customer.

» A range of impregnation sealant and associated products ------giving customers low cost, environmentally friendly solutions.

» Approved job shops for customers who do not have a high ----volume requirement or prefer the services of a sub-contract --supply.


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