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Spray Units

» YG-MVS-24S-12

Automatic Spray Unit.


Yamaguchi Giken's system provides custom service with direct access to our production line, we can design and supply original new products which can cover a wide range needs.

   The die-casting process will differ depending on conditions such as the industry, the cast products, and the manufacturing process.
   Yamaguchi Giken Co. Ltd. maintains a close working relationship with a die and plunger lubricant manufacturer and a robot manufacturer in order to continually research and develop equipment to the die casting industry.
   We respond quickly to meet our customer's needs, and design our products which are trouble free and to effective in increasing the productivity and profitability of our users.

» YS, YR, Y5 Hand Spray Guns

Hand Spray Guns.

  YS Model YR Model Y5 Model
Features water base, high pressure, suction of dilute can be pressurized water base, require pressure----------------------------- both water and oil base suction of dilute can be pressurized
Compatibility Mid-size machine Large size machine Small size machine
Spray volume 1350 cc/min. 3000 cc/min. 1310 cc/min.
Spray area 70x70mm. 80x80mm. 75x75mm.
Connections Air (8A) Liquid (6A) Air (8A) Liquid (8A) Air (8A) Liquid (6A)
Standard size mm. Double tubes 250 Full Length 370 Double tubes 250 Full length 500 Double tubes 250 Full length 370

» Model 1, 2, 3, 5, 15 Oil Pumps

Adjustable Oil Pumps.

No. 1 Max 1cc
No. 2 Max 2cc
No. 3 Max 3cc
No. 5 Max 5cc
No.15 Max 15cc


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